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One of Sara Mathew’s favorite stories is the one about the woman walking along the beach, throwing stranded crabs one by one back into the surf. “A passerby told her there were so many that tossing them back one by one wouldn’t make any difference ” Sara recalls. “The woman threw another crab into the water and replied, ‘It definitely made a difference to that one.’” To Sara, making a difference is very important. One of the ways she chooses to do so is through green living. Deeply committed to an eco-friendly lifestyle, this talented professional drives a Toyota Camry Hybrid, recycles diligently, and continues to make improvements to her home to increase its energy rating.


Every Action Makes A Difference

A member of York and Toronta's Green Communities, Sara is deeply committed to recycling.

Just as the story demonstrates, Sara believes that even the smallest step we take to make the world a better place is extremely important. Making a difference isn’t just an aspiration to this lively professional, it’s a way of life. That’s why she’s so devoted to helping others discover and benefit from the ecofriendly lifestyle. “I’m not only helping people,” Sara says, “I’m doing what I can to help Planet Earth.” For Sara, nothing is more motivating, and that’s the key to her success in life.


A Solid Foundation

A native of Kerala, India, Sara was raised by her socially conscious parents to believe that every charitable act made a difference. As an outspoken and spirited little girl growing up in a culture that frowned upon those qualities in a female, she often felt like an outsider. But she found strength in being different and excelled academically, earning a Master’s Degree. When Sara joined her husband in Toronto, she began a successful banking career. Her strong interest in social justice and current affairs found voice in many social and charitable causes through her church and other organizations. Sara’s concern for the environment led her to green living, and to a career that would enable her to make a difference by sharing that lifestyle with others.


A Positive Impact

Sara and her husband Francis, have been residents of the Greater Toronto area since 1973.

As a real estate broker specializing in eco-efficient properties, Sara has a positive impact on her clients every day. A member of The National Association
of Green Agents and Brokers (NAGAB), she’s an expert on what it takes to make a home green as well as the many benefits in doing so. Sara’s comprehensive knowledge of the rebates available from both the Federal and Provincial governments for everything from the installation of an instant hot water heater to a dual or 6 litre flush toilet is exceptionally valuable.


Guiding You to Green Living

Sara has made it her mission to serve as an informed guide to ecofriendly real estate, and she provides information on energy ratings and the specific improvements to earn a higher rating. Aware that these ratings can significantly increase a home’s value and saleability , Sara guides her clients through an energy audit to determine the needed upgrades, then offers a wealth of resources for implementing them.

Sara helps her clients benefit from the many rebates and savings in a high-energy-rated home.

With her solid background in banking, Sara also offers the added benefit of superior and informed advice on financing, mortgages and home ownership savings plans to make an ecoefficient home possible for a broad range of incomes. But it’s her passion for helping to create a healthier world that has more and more clients seeking Sara’s guidance towards a green lifestyle. If you’re considering the sale or purchase of an ecofriendly home in the Toronto and the York regions, Sara Mathew is Your Guide to Green Living. Call her to find out how she can help you!

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